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The Bhor Chemicals and Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, Block A, 8th Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India

BhorForce® range of Narrow Woven Unidirectional and Bidirectional Carbon Fabrics

Narrow woven fabrics are ideal for manufacturing components with narrow width profile and constant cross-section products. They can also be used for adding local reinforcements and repair of composite products. Customisable widths offer the advantages of lower turn around times as well as lower wastages and ease of handling.  

Product Profile:

  • Tow Sizes: 3K to 12K
  • Customizable Width: 25 to 150 mm
  • Aerial Weight: 200 to 500 gsm 
  • Orientation: UD and BD
  • Weave: Plain

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