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The Bhor Chemicals and Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, Block A, 8th Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India

Structural Strengthening And Retrofitting

Engineering Products


Industrial Composites

Carbon Fiber Fabrics, Prepregs, Pultruded Profiles Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Proven excellence in manufacturing high performance Reinforcement Fabrics, Prepregs, Epoxy Resins, Pultruded Profiles and other Specialty Composite Products.

The Bhor Chemicals and Plastic Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on being a world-class carbon fiber fabric manufacturer in India and speciality chemicals for composites.

Our head office is situated in Mumbai and AS 9100D certified Manufacturing and R&D facilities as well as NABL Certified Testing facilities are located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Bhor's Product Range:

Reinforcement Fabrics: Carbon Fiber Woven Fabrics, Aramid Fiber Woven Fabrics, Glass Fiber Woven Fabrics, Quartz Fiber Woven Fabrics, Hybrid Fabrics, Narrow Width Dry Fabric Tapes

Prepregs: Epoxy Prepregs, Cyanate Ester Prepregs

Pultruded Profiles: Carbon Fiber Laminates, Carbon Fiber Rods, Carbon Fiber Tubes and Sheets

Epoxy Resin Systems: Epoxy Resins for Composites, Epoxy Resins for Structural Strengthening and Retrofitting

Specialty Products: Adhesive Films for Bonding Core Materials

Kits: Vacuum Bagging and Resin Infusion Kits

NABL Certified Testing: Textile Materials, Polymers & Plastics, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products 

As a leading supplier of carbon fiber products in India, our range of products and services are currently used in a wide variety of end-use applications such as Aerospace,  Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation, Automotive, Sports, Medical, Marine and Wind Energy. We also manufacture and supply a wide range of composite manufacturing kits for students, researchers and enthusiasts. We have NABL certified facilities for testing and characterization of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products as well as Textile Materials and Polymers & Plastics.  

Our aim is to be a premier specialty Carbon Composites, Reinforcement Fiber Fabrics, Carbon Fiber Fabric and allied Products Company that consistently exceeds the expectations of all its stakeholders through innovative technologies and products. Reinforcement Fabrics.