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The Bhor Chemicals and Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, Block A, 8th Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India

Pultruded Profiles

Bringing out the best in Carbon Fiber Laminates...

BhorTensor® pultruded Carbon fiber laminates and profiles (Plates, Solid Rods, Hollow tubes and Pipes) are endowed with strength, stiffness and low weight-to-strength ratio, BhorTensor® represents carbon fiber at its best!

These are specially developed to meet the most stringent repair and retrofitting standards. Bhor has positioned itself to offer premium Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Precured Pultruded profiles with excellent mechanical properties. Laminates are pull formed using high strength carbon fiber and an Epoxy resin matrix to deliver a product with excellent strength and stiffness.

We can offer a wide variety of Carbon Pultruded profiles to support the needs of the infrastructure, Wind Energy, and Industrial markets.

Product Profile:

  • Flat Plates for use as a tensile or compression member in repair and retrofit applications.
  • Flat plates for use in the manufacturing of spar caps for Wind Turbine Blades.
  • Solid rods for use in manufacturing structural elements of aerospace structures.
  • Other typical shapes such as angles, beams, channels can be manufactured as per spec.