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Innovation is at one of the core principles on which our company has been founded. We firmly believe in empowering all our stakeholders – both internal and external to come up with innovative ideas that can add value across all functions and facets of our operation. To encourage this spirit of innovation we believe in allowing and entrepreneurial culture to flourish at all levels in the organization. Our innovation mantra is founded on the below guiding principles.

  • We believe that Innovation happens when = Ideas meet Commercialization.
  • Continuous, omnipresent Innovation is the very fabric of our company.
  • Innovation is not limited to technology or products, but extends to all fields of the businesses including marketing techniques, operational processes etc.
  • Innovation also involves constant improvement in existing products and practices.
  • We endeavor to associate with employees and customers/suppliers who share this passion for innovation.

To support our customers our facility in Nashik is equipped with a fully functional formulation and analytical laboratory. The lab is capable of providing material, process and product development support to our customers in the aerospace and industrial markets.