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Bhor Chemicals Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence Industry

Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence

Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence

  15 Mar 2019          Bhor Chemicals

Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence

Bhor Chemicals caters to many industries and markets like Structural RehabilitationProducts EngineeringIndustrial Composites, and Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence

The aerospace industry we serve consists of the commercial aircraft, military rotorcraft and space structures. The significant demands of the structural performance, operating temperatures, and reliability makes composites an ideal foil for manufacturing of the components for these core segments.

The aerospace industry continues to be considered to be on the forefront in the usage of composite prepregs and high performance liquid resin systems for manufacturing of complex aero structures like fuselage sections, satellite structures, engine nacelles, wing spars, fan blades, etc.

At Bhor Chemicals, we offer high-quality and completely utilitarian solutions to the aerospace industry in India.

Carbon Fiber Products for Aerospace and Defence Offered by Bhor Chemicals

  • Carbon Fibers : HS, IM and HM

  • BhorForce – Carbon, Glass, Aramid, Quartz, Fiber Woven Fabrics, 3D profiles

  • BhorPreg® – High performance hot melt Prepreg systems

  • High performance adhesives and coatings

  • Thermoformed and Thermofixed tape dry carbon reinforcements

  • BhorBond® – Polymer resins for structures made by infusion technologies

  • Coatings Putties, finishing agent, high temperature consumables, etc.

Our team is highly experienced and thus understands the demands of this market and can deliver timely tested results. Being honored with the multiple innovation awards given by the JEC Group, Paris, we are one of the best service providers to aerospace market in India.


 Our Prime Qualities 

  • We offer high performance prepregs based on quartz reinforcements, solvent-less cyanate ester matrix resins and cyanate ester base resin film adhesive

  • We offer jute/coir biodegradable pultruded “green composite”

  • We develop high-performance Epoxy prepregs


Solutions we offer for several clients in the Aerospace Industry

  • Quartz Cyanate Ester Prepregs for Radome manufacturing

  • High Tg Epoxy prepreg with High modulus Carbon fiber for Satellite Structures

  • Low Aerial weight UD prepreg’s for Spacecrafts support structures

  • Out of Autoclave Epoxy prepreg’s for mini, micro and large UAV’s

Our team is not just a commercial firm but a passionate team which is backed by precise and flawless knowledge, values and dedication to our quality of work. Challenges are something that we handle everyday and are keen to handle them with care.

Not only this, but with an experience so many years, we have an eye to details and thus we take every possible measure to avoid any errors and deliver flawless service.


As the aerospace industry needs huge dedication and flawlessness, we provide special attention to every single nuance and are ready to face every hurdle.

To know how we can help you, connect with us at the earliest and get the toughest tasks solved easily!

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