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Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures

Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures involves the upgrading or changing of a building’s foundation in support of changes in the building’s owners, its use, design goals or regulatory requirements. Distressed structures and their cost effective repair is a global problem that is being well addressed by the application of polymeric material systems. Bhor can assist by providing a complete repair solution for the upgradation, maintenance or strengthening of your civil engineering structures.

Composites based strengthening systems are primarily used as externally on the surface applied system to meet the various requirements as follows-

Repair and Rehabilitation of StructuresWe have combined our rich heritage in textiles, our understanding of high performance composites and cutting edge innovation to bring to you Composite strengthening, repair and rehabilitation of structure solutions that are tried, tested to international standards and norms and easy to use. What’s more – We provide a complete range of technical services and support tools to help with the complete turnkey execution of your project right from the feasibility assessment to delivering the finished solution.

Advantages of FRP Composites in Repair/Strengthening Application

  • High specific strength i.e. strength to weight ratio.
  • Light weight. Very negligible increase in weight.
  • Very minimal increase in thickness so no reduction in floor space, head room.
  • Corrosion resistant. Lasts longer. Low maintenance and long-term durability.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Excellent Fatigue resistance – low stresses at higher cycles.
  • Good High temperature stability and Environmental stability.
  • Great design flexibility.
  • Formable to complex shapes.
  • Render good ductility to the structure without adding into weight.

To Serve the specific needs of our customers on this segment Bhor offers a full range of  speciality construction chemicals and strengthening /retrofitting products under our brand name HEXACURE

Product for Infrastructure

  • Uni-Directional and Bi Directional Carbon & Glass Fabric.
  • Pultruted laminates.
  • Structural Saturant, Primers and Adhesives.
  • Epoxy Grout, Structural Putty.
  • Rust Remover, Rust Resistant Coating, Rust Inhibitor.

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