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Reinforcement Fabric Products

BhorForce® is our range of woven fabric based reinforcement products. Woven fabrics provide good drape, excellent handling characteristics and superior strength and stiffness. A wide range of reinforcement fiber options are available ranging from Carbon fiber to Aramid to Quartz fibers.

 Reinforcement Fabric Product Profile

  • Woven Unidirectional.
  • Woven Bi Directional (Plain, Twill, Satin, Basket).
  • Heat Set – Woven and UD Fabrics.
  • Bonded/Weave Stabilized – Woven and UD Fabrics.
  • 3D Profiles – X, T, π etc.
  • Customized solutions for specific application requirements can also be developed.

Bonded / Weave Stabilized – Woven and UD Fabrics

Heat Set Bonded  reinforcements are designed to allow the user to make preforms before the matrix system is introduced in the molding process. The reinforcements are treated with a very light layer of special resin which can be processed at low temperatures.

Weave Stabilized reinforcements are designed to maintain the weave pattern of a carbon fabric even when the fabric is handled or cut into smaller pieces. This is particularly useful for applications that must maintain a strong aesthetic.

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