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Prepreg Resin System

Prepreg materials are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. The selection of the right matrix systems is one of the most critical criteria in the development of performance fiber reinforced plastics. Bhor has the expertise in the formulation of a wide range of Polymeric matrix systems that are designed to meet a variety of composites processing requirements for tack, toughness, cure time, cure temperature, Glass transition temperatures etc.

Prepreg Resin System Product Profile

BhorPreg® – is our range of Prepreg resin systems. We can formulate a wide variety of systems as follows

  • Fast Cure , Standard Tg ( >120C) Epoxy Prepreg system.
  • Standard Tg, toughened , Epoxy Prepreg systems for out of autoclave part manufacturing.
  • High Tg ( >180C) high performance toughened Epoxy Prepreg systems for demanding applications.
  • Cyanate Ester based prepreg for high temperature and Rf applications.

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