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Prepreg Resin System

Standing at the forefront of Prepreg production.
Prepreg occupies a pivotal position in the ever-evolving composites market.

Prepregs Resin System materials are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. The selection of the right matrix systems is one of the most critical criteria in the development of performance fibre reinforced plastics. Bhor has the expertise in the formulation of a wide range of Polymeric matrix systems that are designed to meet a variety of composites processing requirements for tack, toughness, cure time, cure temperature, Glass transition temperatures etc.

Prepreg Resin System Product Profile

BhorPreg® – is our range of Prepreg resin systems. We can formulate a wide variety of systems as follows

  • Fast Cure, Standard Tg ( >120C) Epoxy Prepreg system.
  • Standard Tg, toughened Epoxy Prepreg systems for out of autoclave part manufacturing.
  • High Tg ( >180C) high performance toughened Epoxy Prepreg systems for demanding applications.
  • Cyanate Ester based prepreg for high temperature and Rf applications.

A range of Industrial and Aerospace prepreg systems tailored for your highly demanding application requirements are available under our BhorPreg brand.

Parts made of Prepreg in India and World over are used in applications like High-Speed Racing Machines, Spaceships, Aircraft, Military and Defence Equipments, Sporting equipment and accessories, High-Speed Motor Boats and Sailings, etc .

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