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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics Use in Aerospace and Defence Industry

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE INDUSTRY

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics

Overview- Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics

Before Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics were started to be used in Airplanes, Conventionally, aluminum constituted almost 65% of the weight of an airplane, which resulted in lower fuel efficacy, lesser load bearing capacity and higher cost.

Enterprises in the aerospace and defence production industry then started seeking out ways for reducing weight, increasing fuel efficiency and improving overall system performance. While metal and metal alloys are still integral to aerospace design, the quest for innovative, lightweight materials eventually led to carbon composites. In this context, carbon fiber reinforced fabrics are rapidly emerging as the material of choice for the Aerospace and Defence production sector.


Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabrics

There are several reasons why carbon fabrics are finding wide spread acceptance in mission-critical applications in the Aerospace and Defence production sector:

  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • Rigidity
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Fatigue Resistance
  • Good tensile strength yet brittle
  • Fire Resistance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Non-toxic
  • Biologically inactive


The physical strength, toughness and lightweight of carbon fiber make it an appropriate raw material in making parts or components for aircraft, satellites, defence equipment, etc. But perhaps the most important property is its low coefficient of thermal expansion resulting in high dimensional stability; this means that the fabric doesn’t shrink or extend easily. It has low tendency to expand when heated and to contract when cooled.


Bhor – a leading supplier of carbon reinforced fabrics to the Aerospace and Defence industry

At Bhor, we have the techno-commercial capability to produce Carbon Fibers and Carbon Composites required to make structural applications as well as components for aircraft, satellites and advanced military systems. We supply composite prepregs and high-performance liquid resin systems for the manufacture of complex Aero structures such as the fuselage sections, Satellite structures, engine nacelles, wing spars, fan blades etc.


Brand folio

BhorForce® is our range of woven Reinforcement Fabric Products. Woven fabric based reinforcement materials are lightweight yet sturdy, with excellent good fatigue and impact resistance. They provide good drape, excellent handling characteristics and superior strength and stiffness. A wide range of reinforcement fiber options is available ranging from Carbon fiber to Aramid to Quartz fibers.

BhorPreg® – is our range of Prepreg resin systems. We can formulate a wide variety of systems, which essentially include Epoxy Prepreg and Cynate Ester. A range of Aerospace prepreg systems tailored for your highly demanding application requirements are available under our BhorPreg brand.


Solutions successfully delivered to the Aerospace market

  • Quartz Cyanate Ester Prepregs for Radome manufacturing.
  • High Tg Epoxy prepreg with High modulus Carbon fibre for satellite structures
  • Low Aerial weight UD Prepreg’s for Spacecrafts support structures
  • Out of Autoclave Epoxy Prepreg’s for mini, micro and large UAV’s


Connect with us for the right composite

As the market leader in carbon composites, we are uniquely positioned to meet your carbon fiber-reinforced fabric needs by proposing the right solution. Please email at for more details.

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