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Carbon Fiber Laminate

Bringing out the best in Carbon Fiber Laminate.

BhorTensr® is a Precured pultruded Carbon fibre laminates. Endowed with strength, stiffness and low weight-to-strength ratio, BhorTensr® represents carbon fibre at its best. These are specially developed to meet the most stringent repair and retrofitting standards. Bhor has positioned itself to offer premium Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Precured Pultruded profiles with excellent mechanical properties. Laminates are pull formed using high strength carbon fibre and an Epoxy resin matrix to deliver a product with excellent strength and stiffness.

We can offer a wide variety of Carbon Pultruded profiles to support the needs of the infrastructure, Wind Energy, and Industrial markets.

Recommended Uses Advantages
Improving seismic performance.Easy to transport and install.
Increasing the strength and ductility of civil structures.High strength & Stiffness to weight ratio.
Increasing the loading capacity of structural elements.Cost effective.
Enabling Changes in use/alterations.Corrosion resistant.
Correcting structural design or construction defects.Improved long term durability.
Improving service life and durability.Low overall thickness.
Structural upgradation.Low Self Weight.
Structural member of wind blade spar caps.Outstanding fatigue resistance.


Product Profile Carbon fiber Laminate Sheets.

  • Flat Plates for use as a tensile or compression member in repair and retrofit applications.
  • Flat plates for use in the manufacturing of spar caps for Wind Turbine Blades.
  • Solid rods for use in manufacturing structural elements of aerospace structures.
  • Other typical shapes such as angles, beams, channels can be manufactured as per spec.

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