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Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and defence markets demand products that provide exceptional performance over the entire product lifecycle whilst meeting all the stringent performance and certification criterion. Lifting levels of performance beyond demand the transition to Composites Materials Markets and speciality chemicals solutions.

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Industrial Composites

Improving performance without adding weight is the ultimate of goal of designers and manufactures across the automotive, wind energy and sporting goods segments.

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Engineered Products

Utilizing a specific ability of high performance reinforcements or resins systems to provide solutions in application areas where transitional materials don’t work makes composites materials a good fit for the development of engineered products.

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Structural Rehabilitation

Repair, upkeep and strengthening of ageing civil infrastructure is global problem of epic proportions. The use of composites material system offers a cost effective long term solution to this problem. Bhor offers a versatile product portfolio to support customer needs.

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