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Aerospace – Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Carbon fiber, Carbon Prepreg and Carbon Composites for consolidating Aerospace , Recreational UAV, Agri Drones and Satellite production

Weight is the game-changer in the aerospace and defence sectors. Designers have always tried to optimize the lift-to-weight ratio to improve efficacy. At Bhor, we have the techno-commercial capability to produce Carbon Prepreg, Carbon Fabric and Carbon Composites required to make structural applications as well as components for aircraft, satellites and UAV.

Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft, UAV’s and Space structures jointly constitute the entire Aerospace markets. The specific demands of structural performance, operating temperatures, reliability makes composites an ideal foil for the manufacture of end-use components for these core segment. The Aerospace market continues to be at the forefront in the usage of composite prepregs and high-performance liquid resin systems for the manufacture of complex aerostructures such as the fuselage sections, Satellite structures, engine nacelles, wing spars, fan blades etc. At Bhor we are focused on providing solutions to the Aerospace markets. Some of our aerospace product for this market are listed below.

Products for Aerospace – Carbon Fiber Fabric

  • BhorForce®– Carbon, Glass, Aramid, Quartz, Fiber Woven Fabrics, 3D profiles.
  • BhorPreg®– High-performance hot melt Prepreg systems.
  • Adhesives, high-performance coatings etc.
  • High-performance Thermoformed and Thermofixed tape dry carbon reinforcements.
  • BhorBond®– Polymer resins system for structures made by infusion technologies.
  • Gel coats, Putties, finishing agent, high-temperature consumables etc.

The team understands the demands of this market and can deliver time tested results. It also has to its credit multiple Innovation awards bestowed on it by JEC Group, Paris.

  • High-performance prepregs based on quartz reinforcements and solventless cyanate ester matrix resins and cyanate ester base resin film adhesive.
  • Jute/coir biodegradable pultruded “green composite”.
  • Development of high-performance Epoxy prepregs.
Solutions the team has successfully delivered to the Aerospace market.
  • Quartz Cyanate Ester Prepregs for Radome manufacturing.
  • High Tg Epoxy prepreg with High modulus Carbon fibre for satellite structures.
  • Low Aerial weight UD prepreg’s for Spacecrafts support structures.
  • Out of Autoclave Epoxy prepreg’s for recreational and agricultural drones, UAV’s etc.

Backed by our knowledge, values and dedication to our quality of work we welcome challenges that need sustainable long term solutions.

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