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We are Bhor Chemical

"Bhor Chemicals and Plastics aims to be a premier specialty chemicals and allied products company that consistently exceeds the expectations of all its stakeholders through innovative technologies and products.

Specializing in Carbon Fiber, carbon Fabric, Prepregs, Carbon Composites, Woven Fabric, Epoxy Resin Systems and Carbon Laminates, we are fully positioned to meet the growing demands of composites across diverse industries/sectors.

Creative thinking and continuous innovation are at the heart of our DNA. We embrace challenges, encourage curiosity and are passionate about delivering the best results to the most pressing problems of our customers. These activities are ably supported by our team of experienced technocrats who are proficient with the best in class technologies and who push the boundaries of service delivery.

High-performance composites continue to be at the centre stage of improving the standards of performance and efficiency across a variety of end-use industries and Bhor is well-positioned to utilize its combined expertise of over a decade in this area to deliver the next generation of performance products that cater to the needs of tomorrow. Composites form the cornerstone for our journey in the future."